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You are paying too much in taxes.
Your family’s financial security is at risk.
You are not protected if the unexpected happens.

It's NOT Your Fault!

Never before has there been so much uncertainty in the global economy. Out-of-control inflation, rapidly rising interest rates, a volatile stock market, and political changes that could give you whiplash all contribute to a financial world that is rocky at best.

We’re living longer, saving less and taking on more risk. The housing market is more costly than ever. Healthcare costs are uncontrollable. Retirement, or Life After Work, is more expensive than ever. The rich get richer and the poor… you know the cliché (but it’s true). The 1% rarely worries about any of these challenges because they have prepared and taken consistent action for years and years, so they never have to worry.

What if You Could...

  • Change the Financial Reality for You and Your Family & Create a Safe and Secure Future

  • Avoid unexpected surprises, handle money challenges and pave your way to financial freedom

  • Easily prepare for your retirement or "Life After Work," whether that's in
    5 years or 30.

  • Minimize Your Taxes, Maximize Your Income, Protect Your Kids and Avoid Government Overreach

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Before vs After Enrolling in
Create Income You Will Never Outlive

  • Investment Risks & Uncertainty

  • Paying Too Much in Taxes

  • Fear of Money Running Out

  • Outrageous Healthcare Costs

  • Worry about Emergency Expenses

  • Protections Against Market Losses

  • Tax Efficient & Risk Free Strategies

  • Planning Assures a Lifetime Income

  • Protect Against Long Term Care Cost

  • Protection Against the Unexpected

Not planning ahead when it comes to your money can have significant consequences, both in the short and long term.

Here’s what’s at stake if you don’t properly plan your finances:

Financial Stress

Poor financial planning can lead to stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact your mental and physical health.

Family's Financial Security

Failing to plan for the future can leave your family financially vulnerable, particularly if you do not have adequate insurance coverage or an estate plan in place.

Inability to Achieve Financial Goals

Without a plan, it becomes challenging to achieve your financial goals, such as buying a home, starting a business, or funding your children’s education.

Higher Tax Burden

Without proper planning, you may not take full advantage of tax-saving strategies, resulting in a higher tax burden than necessary.

Insufficient Emergency Fund

Without a proper plan, you may not have enough savings to cover unexpected expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, or job loss. This can force you to rely on high-interest credit or loans, further worsening your financial situation.

Missed Investment Opportunities

A lack of planning can lead to missed investment opportunities, as you may not have the funds available to invest when the right opportunity arises. This can limit your potential for wealth growth over time.

Retirement Insecurity + Rising Healthcare Costs

Failing to plan for retirement can result in an insufficient nest egg, forcing you to work longer, rely on government benefits, or face a reduced standard of living in your golden years.

Poor Debt Management

Lack of planning can lead to increased debt levels, particularly if you rely on credit cards or loans to cover expenses. High debt can lead to a lower credit score, making it harder to get favorable loan terms or even to rent an apartment or get a job.

Limited Financial Flexibility

A lack of planning can make it harder to adapt to changing circumstances, such as a job loss or economic downturn, potentially exacerbating financial problems.


How It Works

Our Proven System for Safe and Secure Money

Private Financial Fitness Strategy Session

This is where we start by getting a clear picture of where you're currently at with your financial life.

Comprehensive Financial Inventory

Together, we conduct a complete inventory of all your assets, income, retirement accounts and investments.

Your Money Mindset

If nothing changes then nothing changes. We all have leftover money beliefs that do not serve us. Now is the time to get your Money Mindset strong and focused.

Money Myths

There are so many myths and misinformation around finances it is staggering. We bust those myths and get you on the right track and knowing the truth about money.

Architecting Your Lifestyle

You can have almost anything you want as long as you plan for it. We work with you on setting goals and developing a customized action plan so you can win every time.

Secrets of the 1%

How the very wealthy manage and think about money is different than most people. But their secrets can become your secret weapons for growth and safety.

What They Never Taught You About Money

The missing manual for financial health and well-being. We spend a lot of time memorizing dates and events but never how to manage money. Doesn't make sense. We fix that now.

Retirement or Life After Work Planning

Maybe you want to retire early. Maybe you want to work as long as possible because you love it. Maybe you want to make sure your lifestyle stays the same. Maybe you're worried about rising healthcare costs. We cover it all.

401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth IRA, Pensions

Understanding all the differences between the multitude of retirement accounts can be overwhelming. Every person's situation is different. We explain it so it easy to make confident decisions and ensure a lifetime of income.

Long-Term Care Costs & Protections

Probably the one thing none of us want to think about - getting older, getting hurt, getting sick. By not taking action now you could lose everything you built over your lifetime. We're also living longer than ever before.

Private Membership Area with Over 50 Concise Videos

Financial terms and concepts explained in simple, concise videos along with downloadable resources for you.

Step-By-Step Action Plans

Never be at a loss of what to do next. Everything you need is in an action plan for each part of your financial journey.

Done With You Program

This is a partnership. We'll guide you every step of the way. One size does not fit all. Your situation is unique. Don't bend to advice that wasn't meant for you.

Your Money DNA & Money Mindset

Mindset is everything in life; particularly with money. This part of the Create Income Program could change more than just your financial life. Healthy Money Happy Life.

Investments, Savings, Insurance, Annuities, Alternative Investments

Each of the financial vehicles have multiple choices and versions. It would take months or years to sift through it all and choose what's best for you. We make it simple.

Politics, Economy, Technology

We swing from one political party to the other. The overall economy is vulnerable. Technology is growing and expanding like never before with AI. No matter what happens, we help you make sure your money is safe and your family is secure.

Protecting What You Already Have

Living Trusts, Wills and other Estate Planning tools provide the protection your family needs to thrive. Without a thoughtful plan in place, everything you own and everyone you love is at risk. Make sure all you have all your legal protections in place.

Group Coaching

You'll be invited to regularly scheduled group coaching calls to get your questions answered and explore unique solutions. The financial world is constantly changing. Taxes are changing. Healthcare is changing. We never leave on your own to figure it out.

Outside Experts

Some of the world's financial issues can get pretty complicated. We often bring in experts who have dedicated their lives to one specific area so we can take a deeper dive, learn more and execute better.

Bucket List

Goals and dreams are great unless they always stay as "maybes." With Create Income You Will Never Outlive, start checking those items off your bucket list while you can still enjoy them. You don't have to wait until retirement.

WILL IMPACT generations to come

Generational Wealth

Generational wealth is wealth that is passed down by at least one generation. It is usually passed on through an inheritance, which can include cash, investments, cars, jewelry and other assets.

According to a 20-year study by The Williams Group, 70% of wealth is lost by the second generation and 90% is lost by the third generation. This is known as the "three-generation curse".
Some say wealth is lost due to a lack of financial education, mismanagement, or squandering.

Don't let this happen to you and your family. Create Income You Will Never Outlive was designed for you live your legacy now and pass it on as well for generations to come.


Here’s what people are saying about working with Kris Miller

“Many professionals can be inspiring and many informative, but seldom do the two co-exist. Such is the case with Kris Miller. In all my years of working with financial experts I have never been as inspired or informed as I have been with Kris. She really knows her stuff and she knows how to engage others to the process of gaining greater financial freedom. I recommend her highly for both individuals as well as firms looking to increase their financial viability.”

- Val Jon Ferris

CEO Diamius Multinational, Leadership Development Consultant, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Yahoo, Microsoft, Intuit

“Two very important things that you’re going to take away from your experience with Kris Miller. One is peace of mind. The second is assuring your quality of life. If you haven’t engaged in planning on medical, financial, or legal concerns, you have to do it right now. What I got from listening to Kris was the urgency and the importance of doing it and doing it early. The clarity and organization she offers will walk through the whole process and really walk away with great peace of mind. Follow what she does. It’s great information. I want you to have a great quality of life.”

- Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Psychologist & University Professor

Kris, I could just Kiss you!! Kris Miller makes an extraordinary claim, to secure your financial future without risking a dime. Her message is so important to me in today's risky stock environment. Kris is engaging, wonderfully helpful with her time, and truly wanted to make an impact in my life, and wealth. I could not have imagined a more engaging and friendly discussion unlike other financial advisors that seem more interest in making money on my wealth goals. Thank you Kris, and I hope many more will see this thank you, and reach out to you for insight and help achieving their goals. Many thanks.

- James Ballidis

Pinnacle Global Network


Here’s What’s In Create Income You Will Never Outlive

How you think about money and finances can make all the difference in securing your family’s financial future. What’s your Money DNA?

When your financial life is healthy, many of your other worries disappear. Not like magic, but with knowledge, a solid plan & consistent action.

No one is born understanding money and they don’t teach you about it in school. Creating Income You Will Never Outlive provides a solid foundation.

Protecting what you already have and eliminating or minimizing your risks and taxes is what Safe and Secure Money Strategies is all about.

Your Life is filled with the Unexpected. Illness, accidents, job change or loss, a rapidly changing economy – all have an impact on Financial Well-Being.

The last thing you want is for the government to make decisions for you and your family. Stop their overreach and secure your assets for generations.

We explore how the uber-rich have used Trusts for centuries to protect, grow and secure their legacies and pass on generational wealth.

Finance Automation

Artificial Intelligence & Money

Protecting Your Home & Title

Precious Metals

Your Coach & Mentor

Meet Kris Miller

Kris Miller, a celebrated Legacy Wealth Strategist and Safe Money Expert, exemplifies resilience and hope in the realms of financial security and freedom. Her inspiring journey from adversity to success as a #1
bestselling author and podcast host reflects her dedication to helping others prosper in uncertain economic times. Kris has expertly safeguarded the financial futures of over 6,000 families, protecting assets exceeding $500 million through her mastery in safe money strategies, estate planning, and living trusts.

Her impactful workshops and keynotes have reshaped countless lives, offering fresh insights into wealth management and legacy planning. As a frequent media guest and esteemed speaker, Kris's pragmatic approach to financial wellbeing has made her an indispensable mentor in managing financial complexities. Committed to empowering individuals, Kris is not just a visionary but a reliable guide in securing financial legacies. Her latest program, 'Create Income You Will Never Outlive', presents effective strategies to build confidence in your financial future amidst global uncertainties.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Finances can be overwhelming and confusing. We get it. This is not one of those courses where you consume the information or not and see what happens. This is a partnership. We are committed to your financial future. We promise to work with you for as long as it takes to implement changes to your financial life so you and your family can thrive. Let's talk about your situation. Schedule an application call with Kris Miller today and we'll make sure you have all the confidence you need to move forward.


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